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Engine::GraphicsPipeline Class Reference

#include <graphicspipeline.h>

Public Member Functions

 GraphicsPipeline (VkDevice logicalDevice, Program *pProgram)
 ~GraphicsPipeline ()
CommandBuffergetCommandBuffer ()
void bind (RenderBuffer *pRenderBuffer)
bool getState (PipelineState state)
void enableState (PipelineState state)
void disableState (PipelineState state)
CullFace getCullFaceMode ()
void setCullFaceMode (CullFace mode)
void setDepthTestFunction (CompareOperation function)
void setStencilOperations (StencilOperation fail, StencilOperation depthFail, StencilOperation depthPass)
void setStencilFunctions (CompareOperation function, int referenceValue, uint mask)
void setBlendAlphaFunctions (BlendFactor sBlendFactor, BlendFactor dBlendFactor)
void setDepthRange (float nearClip, float farClip)
void setDepthBias (float constantFactor, float biasClamp, float biasSlopeFactor)
void setLineWidth (float width)
void setPrimitiveTopology (DrawPrimitive primitive)
void update (Handle binding)
void setViewport (const Viewport &viewport)
void setScissor (const Scissor &scissor)
const ViewportgetViewport () const
const ScissorgetScissor () const


class RenderBuffer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GraphicsPipeline()

Engine::GraphicsPipeline::GraphicsPipeline ( VkDevice logicalDevice,
Program * pProgram )

◆ ~GraphicsPipeline()

Engine::GraphicsPipeline::~GraphicsPipeline ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ bind()

void Engine::GraphicsPipeline::bind ( RenderBuffer * pRenderBuffer)

◆ disableState()

void Engine::GraphicsPipeline::disableState ( PipelineState state)

◆ enableState()

void Engine::GraphicsPipeline::enableState ( PipelineState state)

◆ getCommandBuffer()

CommandBuffer * Engine::GraphicsPipeline::getCommandBuffer ( )

◆ getCullFaceMode()

CullFace Engine::GraphicsPipeline::getCullFaceMode ( )

◆ getScissor()

const Scissor & Engine::GraphicsPipeline::getScissor ( ) const

◆ getState()

bool Engine::GraphicsPipeline::getState ( PipelineState state)

◆ getViewport()

const Viewport & Engine::GraphicsPipeline::getViewport ( ) const

◆ setBlendAlphaFunctions()

void Engine::GraphicsPipeline::setBlendAlphaFunctions ( BlendFactor sBlendFactor,
BlendFactor dBlendFactor )

◆ setCullFaceMode()

void Engine::GraphicsPipeline::setCullFaceMode ( CullFace mode)

◆ setDepthBias()

void Engine::GraphicsPipeline::setDepthBias ( float constantFactor,
float biasClamp,
float biasSlopeFactor )

Offsets fragments before the depth-test to prevent occlusion hysteresis. This is done at the end of the rasterization-stage of the graphics-pipeline. NOTE: This replaces the deprecated setPolygonOffset.

◆ setDepthRange()

void Engine::GraphicsPipeline::setDepthRange ( float nearClip,
float farClip )

◆ setDepthTestFunction()

void Engine::GraphicsPipeline::setDepthTestFunction ( CompareOperation function)

◆ setLineWidth()

void Engine::GraphicsPipeline::setLineWidth ( float width)

◆ setPrimitiveTopology()

void Engine::GraphicsPipeline::setPrimitiveTopology ( DrawPrimitive primitive)

◆ setScissor()

void Engine::GraphicsPipeline::setScissor ( const Scissor & scissor)

◆ setStencilFunctions()

void Engine::GraphicsPipeline::setStencilFunctions ( CompareOperation function,
int referenceValue,
uint mask )

◆ setStencilOperations()

void Engine::GraphicsPipeline::setStencilOperations ( StencilOperation fail,
StencilOperation depthFail,
StencilOperation depthPass )

◆ setViewport()

void Engine::GraphicsPipeline::setViewport ( const Viewport & viewport)

◆ update()

void Engine::GraphicsPipeline::update ( Handle binding)

Friends And Related Symbol Documentation

◆ RenderBuffer

friend class RenderBuffer

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