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Allocation Struct Reference

#include <memorypool.h>

Public Member Functions

uint pageLength () const

Static Public Member Functions

static uint endOffset (uint pageStartOffset, uint size, uint page)

Public Attributes

VkDeviceMemory deviceMemory
Pair< uint, uint > pageIndex
Pair< uint, uint > pageOffset
MemoryType type

Member Function Documentation

◆ endOffset()

static uint Allocation::endOffset ( uint pageStartOffset,
uint size,
uint page )

◆ pageLength()

uint Allocation::pageLength ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ deviceMemory

VkDeviceMemory Allocation::deviceMemory

◆ pageIndex

Pair< uint, uint > Allocation::pageIndex

The first and last page idices where the device-memory has been contiguously allocated-from.

◆ pageOffset

Pair< uint, uint > Allocation::pageOffset

The offsets in the first and last device-memory pages where this allocation begins and ends.

◆ type

MemoryType Allocation::type

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