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PFF::Header Struct Reference

#include <polygonalfont.h>

Public Attributes

char magic [ARRAY_LENGTH(magicString)]
uint charSetSize
uint fileByteSize
uint charVertexPositionOffset
uint contourSizeOffset
uint contourIndexSizeOffset
uint contourIndexOffset
uint triangleSizeOffset
uint faceSizeOffset
uint triangleIndexOffset
uint vertexSizeOffset
uint vertexOffset
float fontHeight

Detailed Description

Outline-data proceeds the Header-data. Contour-data proceeds the Outline-data. Triangle-index data proceeds Contour-data.

Member Data Documentation

◆ charSetSize

uint PFF::Header::charSetSize

The number of characters in this font.

◆ charVertexPositionOffset

uint PFF::Header::charVertexPositionOffset

The byte-offset of the character vertex-position data.

◆ contourIndexOffset

uint PFF::Header::contourIndexOffset

The byte-offset for the character-index data.

◆ contourIndexSizeOffset

uint PFF::Header::contourIndexSizeOffset

The byte-offset for the character-index-size data.

◆ contourSizeOffset

uint PFF::Header::contourSizeOffset

The byte-offset for the contour-size data.

◆ faceSizeOffset

uint PFF::Header::faceSizeOffset

The byte-offset for the face-size data.

◆ fileByteSize

uint PFF::Header::fileByteSize

The size of the PFF file in bytes.

◆ fontHeight

float PFF::Header::fontHeight

With respect to all character vertices and positions, the height of the font(glyph container).

◆ magic

char PFF::Header::magic[ARRAY_LENGTH(magicString)]

Magic identifier.

◆ triangleIndexOffset

uint PFF::Header::triangleIndexOffset

The byte-offset for the triangle-index data.

◆ triangleSizeOffset

uint PFF::Header::triangleSizeOffset

The byte-offset for the triangle-size data.

◆ vertexOffset

uint PFF::Header::vertexOffset

The byte-offset for the vertex data.

◆ vertexSizeOffset

uint PFF::Header::vertexSizeOffset

The byte-offset for the vertex-size data.

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