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Mesh Namespace Reference

API for editing mesh-data for a collections of vertices. More...


class  Face
class  HalfEdge
class  Triangle
class  TriangleMesh


typedef HeapArray< FaceFaceArray
typedef HeapArray< HalfEdgeHalfEdgeArray
typedef ArrayIndex HalfEdgeIndex
typedef HeapArray< HalfEdgeIndexHalfEdgeIndexArray
typedef UnorderedSet< HalfEdgeIndexHalfEdgeIndexSet
typedef ArrayIndex VertexIndex
typedef HeapArray< VertexIndexVertexIndexArray
typedef UnorderedSet< VertexIndexVertexIndexSet
typedef ArrayIndex TriangleIndex
typedef HeapArray< TriangleIndexTriangleIndexArray
typedef UnorderedSet< TriangleIndexTriangleIndexSet
typedef ArrayIndex FaceIndex
typedef HeapArray< FaceIndexFaceIndexArray
typedef UnorderedSet< FaceIndexFaceIndexSet
typedef Initializer< TriangleIndexTriangleIndexArrayInitializer
typedef HeapArray< TriangleTriangleArray


bool operator== (const HalfEdge &left, const HalfEdge &right)

Detailed Description

API for editing mesh-data for a collections of vertices.

Typedef Documentation

◆ FaceArray

typedef HeapArray< Face > Mesh::FaceArray

◆ FaceIndex

typedef ArrayIndex Mesh::FaceIndex

◆ FaceIndexArray

typedef HeapArray< FaceIndex > Mesh::FaceIndexArray

◆ FaceIndexSet

◆ HalfEdgeArray

typedef HeapArray< HalfEdge > Mesh::HalfEdgeArray

◆ HalfEdgeIndex

typedef ArrayIndex Mesh::HalfEdgeIndex

◆ HalfEdgeIndexArray

◆ HalfEdgeIndexSet

◆ TriangleArray

typedef HeapArray< Triangle > Mesh::TriangleArray

◆ TriangleIndex

typedef ArrayIndex Mesh::TriangleIndex

◆ TriangleIndexArray

◆ TriangleIndexArrayInitializer

◆ TriangleIndexSet

◆ VertexIndex

typedef ArrayIndex Mesh::VertexIndex

◆ VertexIndexArray

typedef HeapArray< VertexIndex > Mesh::VertexIndexArray

◆ VertexIndexSet

Function Documentation

◆ operator==()

bool Mesh::operator== ( const HalfEdge & left,
const HalfEdge & right )