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Triangle Class Reference

#include <geometric.h>

Inheritance diagram for Triangle:
Engine::Raster::Geometric< GEOMETRY > GeometricBase GEOMETRY Node

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Engine::Raster::Geometric< GEOMETRY >
 Geometric (const GEOMETRY &geometry)
 Geometric (const typename GEOMETRY::Attribute &attribute)
 Geometric (const typename GEOMETRY::Attribute &attribute, DrawPrimitive drawPrimitive)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GeometricBase
 GeometricBase (Shape::Geometry *pGeometry)
 operator Shape::Geometry * () const
virtual ~GeometricBase ()
virtual void initialize (Scene *pScene, bool addObjectToScene)
void addScene (Scene *pScene)
void removeScene (Scene *pScene)
const Application::SceneList & getScene ()
const Surface::MaterialListgetMaterialList ()
bool hasTransparency ()
bool hasMaterial (Surface::Material *pMaterial)
virtual void addMaterial (Surface::Material *pMaterial)
template<class C >
C * getMaterial ()
void removeMaterial (Surface::Material *pMaterial)
Shape::GeometrygetGeometry () const
virtual Primitive3D::AABoundingBox getAABoundingBox () const
float getBoundingRadius () const
- Protected Attributes inherited from GeometricBase
Surface::MaterialList pMaterial

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