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Physical::Attribute Class Reference

#include <physical.h>

Public Member Functions

 Attribute (const Vector3f &gravity, float fluidDensity)

Public Attributes

Vector3f gravity
float fluidDensity

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Attribute()

Physical::Attribute::Attribute ( const Vector3f & gravity,
float fluidDensity )

Member Data Documentation

◆ fluidDensity

float Physical::Attribute::fluidDensity

The density of fluid within this Scene. This will ultimately determine the drag that all objects moving within the Scene will experience. Note that a Scene can only have one fluid like air or water, but not both.

◆ gravity

Vector3f Physical::Attribute::gravity

The gravity of this Scene, essentially an acceleration vector applied to all GeometricObjects. On earth, this would look like { 0.0, -9.8, 0.0 }.

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