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Physical Class Reference

#include <physical.h>

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class  Attribute
class  Boundary
class  BoundaryPrimitive
class  GeometricAttribute
class  IntersectionData
class  SurfaceAttributes
struct  Velocity

Public Types

typedef Function< void(Node *pContext, GeometricBase *pObject, IntersectionData &data) > IntersectionFunction
typedef UnorderedMap< Node *, IntersectionFunctionObjectCallbackMap
typedef UnorderedMap< Handle, IntersectionFunctionPlaneCallbackMap
using BoundaryPlane = BoundaryPrimitive< Vector4f >
using BoundaryPolygon = BoundaryPrimitive< Primitive3D::Polygon >
typedef UnorderedMap< GeometricBase *, Primitive3D::CapsuleGeometricCapsuleMap
typedef UnorderedMap< GeometricBase *, Primitive3D::Segment > GeometricSegmentMap
typedef UnorderedMap< GeometricBase *, Primitive3D::SegmentArray > GeometricSegmentArrayMap
typedef UnorderedMap< GeometricBase *, Vector4fGeometricPlaneMap
typedef UnorderedMap< GeometricBase *, Primitive3D::Disk > GeometricDiskMap
typedef UnorderedMap< GeometricBase *, Primitive3D::Polygon > GeometricPolygonMap
typedef UnorderedMap< GeometricBase *, Vertex3fArrayGeometricContourMap
- Public Types inherited from Scene
typedef List< GeometricBase * > GeometricBaseList

Public Member Functions

 Physical (const Attribute &attribute, const Matrix4f &matrix, float nearZClip, float farZClip)
virtual ~Physical ()
virtual void createModel ()
virtual void renderMaterialLists ()
void evaluate ()
virtual void addGeometricObject (GeometricBase *pObject)
virtual void removeGeometricObject (GeometricBase *pObject)
void setAttribute (const Attribute &attribute)
const AttributegetAttribute ()
const VelocitygetVelocity (GeometricBase *pObject)
void setVelocity (GeometricBase *pObject, const Velocity &velocity)
GeometricAttributegetGeometricAttribute (GeometricBase *pObject)
void setGeometricAttributes (GeometricBase *pObject, const GeometricAttribute &attributes)
void applyTranslationalForce (GeometricBase *pObject, const Vector3f &force)
void applyRotationalForce (GeometricBase *pObject, const Vector3f &force)
bool boundingRadiusIntersect (GeometricBase *pObjectA, GeometricBase *pObjectB)
bool sphereObjectIntersect (const Primitive3D::Sphere &sphere, GeometricBase *pObjectB)
bool capsuleObjectIntersect (const Primitive3D::Capsule &capsule, GeometricBase *pObjectB)
IntersectionData getIntersection (GeometricBase *pObjectA, GeometricBase *pObjectB)
IntersectionData getIntersection (Primitive3D::Sphere sphere, GeometricBase *pObject)
IntersectionData getIntersection (Primitive3D::Capsule capsule, GeometricBase *pObject)
void setSegment (GeometricBase *pObject, const Primitive3D::Segment &segment)
void setSegmentArray (GeometricBase *pObject, const Primitive3D::SegmentArray &array)
void setContour (GeometricBase *pObject, const Vertex3fArray &contour)
void setCapsule (GeometricBase *pObject, const Primitive3D::Capsule &capsule)
void setPolygon (GeometricBase *pObject, const Primitive3D::Polygon &polygon)
void setPlane (GeometricBase *pObject, const Vector4f &plane)
void setDisk (GeometricBase *pObject, const Primitive3D::Disk &disk)
void addCollisionCallback (Node *pContext, IntersectionFunction function)
void addBoundary (Boundary *pBoundary)
Vertex3f boundPosition (GeometricBase *pObject, Vertex3f newPosition)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Display
 Display (const Matrix4f &projectionMatrix, float nearZClip, float farZClip)
virtual void addMaterialList (const Surface::MaterialList &pMaterial)
virtual void clearMaterialLists ()
void addPreprocessor (Scene *pScene)
void removePreprocessor (Scene *pScene)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Scene
 Scene (const Matrix4f &projectionMatrix, float nearZClip, float farZClip)
virtual ~Scene ()
virtual void removeGeometricObject (Node *pObject)
virtual void addMaterials ()
void queueGeometricObject (GeometricBase *pObject)
void queueGeometricObject (Node *pObject)
bool hasFrameBuffer (FrameBuffer *pFrameBuffer)
void addFrameBuffer (FrameBuffer *pFrameBuffer)
void removeFrameBuffer (FrameBuffer *pFrameBuffer)
bool inDisplayArea (GeometricBase *pObject)
bool inDisplayArea ()
const Matrix4fgetModel (GeometricBase *pObject)
const UnorderedMap< Node *, Matrix4f > & getNodeModel () const
Primitive3D::AABoundingBox getAABoundingBox ()
Primitive3D::AABoundingBox getAABoundingBox (GeometricBase *pObject)
Primitive3D::AABoundingBox getNDCAABoundingBox ()
Primitive3D::AABoundingBox getNDCAABoundingBox (GeometricBase *pObject)
uint getGeometricObjectSize ()
const GeometricBaseListgetGeometricObject ()
void updateCamera ()
void renderMaterialList (Surface::MaterialList &pList, Surface::MaterialSortFunction sortFunction, float clipFactor=1.0f)
void renderMaterial (Surface::Material *pMaterial)
void setCamera (Camera *pCamera)
Camera * getCamera ()
const Matrix4fgetProjectionMatrix ()
const Matrix4fgetViewMatrix ()
float getNearZClip ()
float getFarZClip ()
bool hasGeometricObject (GeometricBase *pObject)
Vertex4f project (const Vertex3f &vertex)
Vertex3f unProject (const Vertex4f &vertex)
Vertex3f localToNdc (Vertex3f point)
Vertex3f ndcToLocal (Vertex3f point, float w)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DynamicType
 DynamicType ()
template<class C >
void addType ()
TypeID getDerivedTypeId () const
template<class C >
const bool isType () const
template<class C >
const C * cast () const
template<class C >
C * cast ()
template<class FROM , class TO >
TO * cast ()
template<class FROM , class TO >
const TO * cast () const

Public Attributes

UnorderedMap< GeometricBase *, GeometricAttributegeometricAttribute
- Public Attributes inherited from Display
Surface::MaterialList pOpaqueMaterialList
Surface::MaterialList pTransparentMaterialList
Application::SceneList pPreprocessor

Protected Types

typedef UnorderedMap< GeometricBase *, VelocityGeometricVelocityMap

Protected Attributes

Attribute attribute
ObjectCallbackMap callbackObject
GeometricCapsuleMap capsule
GeometricSegmentMap segment
GeometricSegmentArrayMap segmentArray
GeometricContourMap contour
GeometricPlaneMap plane
GeometricDiskMap disk
GeometricPolygonMap polygon
HeapArray< Boundary * > pBoundary
Mutex evaluateMutex
GeometricVelocityMap velocity
- Protected Attributes inherited from Scene
float nearZClip
float farZClip
Matrix4f view
Matrix4f projectionMatrix
Camera * pCamera
GeometricBaseList pGeometricObject
UnorderedMap< Node *, Matrix4fnodeModel
List< FrameBuffer * > pFrameBuffer

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

A Scene that applies laws of newtonian/classical physics to objects.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ BoundaryPlane

◆ BoundaryPolygon

using Physical::BoundaryPolygon = BoundaryPrimitive< Primitive3D::Polygon >

◆ GeometricCapsuleMap

◆ GeometricContourMap

◆ GeometricDiskMap

typedef UnorderedMap< GeometricBase *, Primitive3D::Disk > Physical::GeometricDiskMap

◆ GeometricPlaneMap

◆ GeometricPolygonMap

typedef UnorderedMap< GeometricBase *, Primitive3D::Polygon > Physical::GeometricPolygonMap

◆ GeometricSegmentArrayMap

typedef UnorderedMap< GeometricBase *, Primitive3D::SegmentArray > Physical::GeometricSegmentArrayMap

◆ GeometricSegmentMap

typedef UnorderedMap< GeometricBase *, Primitive3D::Segment > Physical::GeometricSegmentMap

◆ GeometricVelocityMap

typedef UnorderedMap< GeometricBase *, Velocity > Physical::GeometricVelocityMap

◆ IntersectionFunction

typedef Function< void( Node *pContext, GeometricBase *pObject, IntersectionData &data ) > Physical::IntersectionFunction

◆ ObjectCallbackMap

◆ PlaneCallbackMap

typedef UnorderedMap< Handle, IntersectionFunction > Physical::PlaneCallbackMap

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Physical()

Physical::Physical ( const Attribute & attribute,
const Matrix4f & matrix,
float nearZClip,
float farZClip )
Theprojection matrix for the display.
Thepositional z-value to clip objects closest to the viewer. For a Perpsective matrix, this would most-likely be the same as used to create the matrix and > 0.0. For an Orthographic matrix, any value < 0.0.
Thepositional z-value to clip objects furthest from the viewer. For a Perpsective matrix, this would most-likely be the same as used to create the matrix and > nearZClip. For an Orthographic matrix, any value >= 0.0.

◆ ~Physical()

virtual Physical::~Physical ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ addBoundary()

void Physical::addBoundary ( Boundary * pBoundary)

Add the bounding plane for this Scene.

◆ addCollisionCallback()

void Physical::addCollisionCallback ( Node * pContext,
IntersectionFunction function )

Get a callback if the object collides with another.

◆ addGeometricObject()

virtual void Physical::addGeometricObject ( GeometricBase * pObject)

Raster & Render the GeometricObject in this Scene.

TheGeometricBase object containing at least 1 Material.

Reimplemented from Scene.

◆ applyRotationalForce()

void Physical::applyRotationalForce ( GeometricBase * pObject,
const Vector3f & force )
Testto determine if a pair of object's GeometricAttributes intersect.

◆ applyTranslationalForce()

void Physical::applyTranslationalForce ( GeometricBase * pObject,
const Vector3f & force )

For a given GeometricObject, apply a translational-contact force for a single moment in time. Note that this Scene does not create animations. And if an Animation is created for this object outside the context of this Scene, unexpected results will occur. In general callbacks generated by this Scene would be used for that purpose (eg. explosions, special-effects..).

An example usage of this method would be a user-driven event such as move in a direction, turns, and jumps. In the case of a jump, the vector would have a non-zero y-component to the force.

Pointerto the object within Physical::Node family.
Thevector representation of force to be applied to the object.

◆ boundingRadiusIntersect()

bool Physical::boundingRadiusIntersect ( GeometricBase * pObjectA,
GeometricBase * pObjectB )

◆ boundPosition()

Vertex3f Physical::boundPosition ( GeometricBase * pObject,
Vertex3f newPosition )

◆ capsuleObjectIntersect()

bool Physical::capsuleObjectIntersect ( const Primitive3D::Capsule & capsule,
GeometricBase * pObjectB )

◆ createModel()

virtual void Physical::createModel ( )

The model can only be created once physical evaluation is complete. Physical evaluation will commence once the model is rendered.

Reimplemented from Scene.

◆ evaluate()

void Physical::evaluate ( )

For each frame collisions and resulting forces will be evaluated.

◆ getAttribute()

const Attribute & Physical::getAttribute ( )

◆ getGeometricAttribute()

GeometricAttribute & Physical::getGeometricAttribute ( GeometricBase * pObject)

◆ getIntersection() [1/3]

IntersectionData Physical::getIntersection ( GeometricBase * pObjectA,
GeometricBase * pObjectB )

◆ getIntersection() [2/3]

IntersectionData Physical::getIntersection ( Primitive3D::Capsule capsule,
GeometricBase * pObject )

◆ getIntersection() [3/3]

IntersectionData Physical::getIntersection ( Primitive3D::Sphere sphere,
GeometricBase * pObject )

◆ getVelocity()

const Velocity & Physical::getVelocity ( GeometricBase * pObject)

◆ removeGeometricObject()

virtual void Physical::removeGeometricObject ( GeometricBase * pObject)
TheGeometricBase object containing at least 1 Material.

Reimplemented from Scene.

◆ renderMaterialLists()

virtual void Physical::renderMaterialLists ( )

The model can only be rendered once physical evaluation is complete. Physical evaluation will commence once the model is rendered.

Reimplemented from Display.

◆ setAttribute()

void Physical::setAttribute ( const Attribute & attribute)

◆ setCapsule()

void Physical::setCapsule ( GeometricBase * pObject,
const Primitive3D::Capsule & capsule )

Set the Capsule for this object.

◆ setContour()

void Physical::setContour ( GeometricBase * pObject,
const Vertex3fArray & contour )

Set the segments forming a contour for this object.

◆ setDisk()

void Physical::setDisk ( GeometricBase * pObject,
const Primitive3D::Disk & disk )

Set the Disk for this object.

◆ setGeometricAttributes()

void Physical::setGeometricAttributes ( GeometricBase * pObject,
const GeometricAttribute & attributes )
Pointerto the object within Physical::Node family.
Thegiven object's physical attributes.

◆ setPlane()

void Physical::setPlane ( GeometricBase * pObject,
const Vector4f & plane )

Set the Disk for this object.

◆ setPolygon()

void Physical::setPolygon ( GeometricBase * pObject,
const Primitive3D::Polygon & polygon )

Set the Polygon for this object.

◆ setSegment()

void Physical::setSegment ( GeometricBase * pObject,
const Primitive3D::Segment & segment )

Set the segment-array for this object.

◆ setSegmentArray()

void Physical::setSegmentArray ( GeometricBase * pObject,
const Primitive3D::SegmentArray & array )

Set the Segment array for this object.

◆ setVelocity()

void Physical::setVelocity ( GeometricBase * pObject,
const Velocity & velocity )

◆ sphereObjectIntersect()

bool Physical::sphereObjectIntersect ( const Primitive3D::Sphere & sphere,
GeometricBase * pObjectB )

Member Data Documentation

◆ attribute

Attribute Physical::attribute

◆ callbackObject

ObjectCallbackMap Physical::callbackObject

User-defined callbacks that map-to geometric-objects within this scene.

◆ capsule

GeometricCapsuleMap Physical::capsule

Geometries that map-to geometric-primitives for fast collision-detection. These are 'barriers' in that any intersection is a collision.

◆ contour

GeometricContourMap Physical::contour

◆ disk

GeometricDiskMap Physical::disk

◆ evaluateMutex

Mutex Physical::evaluateMutex

◆ geometricAttribute

UnorderedMap< GeometricBase *, GeometricAttribute > Physical::geometricAttribute

Provides for fast runtime access.

◆ pBoundary

HeapArray< Boundary * > Physical::pBoundary

Boundaries mapped-to this Scene for fast collision-detection

◆ plane

GeometricPlaneMap Physical::plane

◆ polygon

GeometricPolygonMap Physical::polygon

◆ segment

GeometricSegmentMap Physical::segment

◆ segmentArray

GeometricSegmentArrayMap Physical::segmentArray

◆ velocity

GeometricVelocityMap Physical::velocity

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