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Display Class Reference

#include <display.h>

Inheritance diagram for Display:
Scene DynamicType Frustum Ortho Physical ShadowMap

Public Member Functions

 Display (const Matrix4f &projectionMatrix, float nearZClip, float farZClip)
virtual void addMaterialList (const Surface::MaterialList &pMaterial)
virtual void renderMaterialLists ()
virtual void clearMaterialLists ()
void addPreprocessor (Scene *pScene)
void removePreprocessor (Scene *pScene)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Scene
 Scene (const Matrix4f &projectionMatrix, float nearZClip, float farZClip)
virtual ~Scene ()
virtual void removeGeometricObject (GeometricBase *pObject)
virtual void removeGeometricObject (Node *pObject)
virtual void createModel ()
virtual void addMaterials ()
void queueGeometricObject (GeometricBase *pObject)
void queueGeometricObject (Node *pObject)
bool hasFrameBuffer (FrameBuffer *pFrameBuffer)
void addFrameBuffer (FrameBuffer *pFrameBuffer)
void removeFrameBuffer (FrameBuffer *pFrameBuffer)
bool inDisplayArea (GeometricBase *pObject)
bool inDisplayArea ()
const Matrix4fgetModel (GeometricBase *pObject)
const UnorderedMap< Node *, Matrix4f > & getNodeModel () const
Primitive3D::AABoundingBox getAABoundingBox ()
Primitive3D::AABoundingBox getAABoundingBox (GeometricBase *pObject)
Primitive3D::AABoundingBox getNDCAABoundingBox ()
Primitive3D::AABoundingBox getNDCAABoundingBox (GeometricBase *pObject)
uint getGeometricObjectSize ()
const GeometricBaseListgetGeometricObject ()
void updateCamera ()
void renderMaterialList (Surface::MaterialList &pList, Surface::MaterialSortFunction sortFunction, float clipFactor=1.0f)
void renderMaterial (Surface::Material *pMaterial)
void setCamera (Camera *pCamera)
Camera * getCamera ()
const Matrix4fgetProjectionMatrix ()
const Matrix4fgetViewMatrix ()
float getNearZClip ()
float getFarZClip ()
bool hasGeometricObject (GeometricBase *pObject)
Vertex4f project (const Vertex3f &vertex)
Vertex3f unProject (const Vertex4f &vertex)
Vertex3f localToNdc (Vertex3f point)
Vertex3f ndcToLocal (Vertex3f point, float w)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DynamicType
 DynamicType ()
template<class C >
void addType ()
TypeID getDerivedTypeId () const
template<class C >
const bool isType () const
template<class C >
const C * cast () const
template<class C >
C * cast ()
template<class FROM , class TO >
TO * cast ()
template<class FROM , class TO >
const TO * cast () const

Public Attributes

Surface::MaterialList pOpaqueMaterialList
Surface::MaterialList pTransparentMaterialList
Application::SceneList pPreprocessor

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Scene
typedef List< GeometricBase * > GeometricBaseList
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Scene
virtual void addGeometricObject (GeometricBase *pObject)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Scene
float nearZClip
float farZClip
Matrix4f view
Matrix4f projectionMatrix
Camera * pCamera
GeometricBaseList pGeometricObject
UnorderedMap< Node *, Matrix4fnodeModel
List< FrameBuffer * > pFrameBuffer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Display()

Display::Display ( const Matrix4f & projectionMatrix,
float nearZClip,
float farZClip )

Member Function Documentation

◆ addMaterialList()

virtual void Display::addMaterialList ( const Surface::MaterialList & pMaterial)

Implements Scene.

Reimplemented in ShadowMap.

◆ addPreprocessor()

void Display::addPreprocessor ( Scene * pScene)

Add a dependency for this scene, a preprocess.

◆ clearMaterialLists()

virtual void Display::clearMaterialLists ( )

Implements Scene.

Reimplemented in ShadowMap.

◆ removePreprocessor()

void Display::removePreprocessor ( Scene * pScene)

Remove a dependency for this scene, a preprocess.

◆ renderMaterialLists()

virtual void Display::renderMaterialLists ( )

Implements Scene.

Reimplemented in Physical, and ShadowMap.

Member Data Documentation

◆ pOpaqueMaterialList

Surface::MaterialList Display::pOpaqueMaterialList

◆ pPreprocessor

Application::SceneList Display::pPreprocessor

◆ pTransparentMaterialList

Surface::MaterialList Display::pTransparentMaterialList

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