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Physical::SurfaceAttributes Class Reference

#include <physical.h>

Inheritance diagram for Physical::SurfaceAttributes:
Physical::Boundary Physical::GeometricAttribute Physical::BoundaryPrimitive< PRIMITIVE >

Public Member Functions

 SurfaceAttributes ()
 SurfaceAttributes (float elasticityCoeff, float frictionCoeff, float faceWidth=0.0f)

Public Attributes

float elasticityCoeff
float frictionCoeff
float width

Detailed Description

Describes some basic physical attributes of a planar-surface.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SurfaceAttributes() [1/2]

Physical::SurfaceAttributes::SurfaceAttributes ( )

◆ SurfaceAttributes() [2/2]

Physical::SurfaceAttributes::SurfaceAttributes ( float elasticityCoeff,
float frictionCoeff,
float faceWidth = 0.0f )

Member Data Documentation

◆ elasticityCoeff

float Physical::SurfaceAttributes::elasticityCoeff

A coefficient to determine how an object behaves when a force is applied to it(stress). How the object is rendered is determined by the developer with the derived Scene, but Display provides callbacks when an object can not absorb or transfer a given force or stress. The values here should be clamped between [0.0 ,1.0] but won't be enforced by the Display class.

◆ frictionCoeff

float Physical::SurfaceAttributes::frictionCoeff

A coefficient of surface resistance, related to smoothness. Due to complexity, this is on a per-object basis and not per object-surface. This should not be confused with drag, and this is the value another object will experience when rubbing or moving against it. For example, if this object was a floor, ice would be much lower than sand.

◆ width

float Physical::SurfaceAttributes::width

The spatial-width of the surface;

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